Commercial Production

Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Production

These classes show The Business of Growing, Requirements, Costs of Setup, Production Gardening, Quotas, Cost of Goods, Maximizing Production, Meeting Standardized Production Levels, Knowing Your Rights, Doing Business, Dealing with Dispensaries, Marketing, Planting, Security, Harvesting and more.

Tuition: $75

  • Saturday 2:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Two hours of instruction on indoor and outdoor commercial growing techniques; from costs and planning, to room and plot designs, to planting and crop forecasting.
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Commercial Indoor Production

Indoor Commercial Production Techniques – [2:00pm – 3:00pm]

Learn strategies for larger scale indoor production. Learn clean and green methods for minimizing cost and environmental impact including runoff, waste, water and electrical use.  Explore designs that provide the best protection from disaster and increase production.

Class is one hour and is presented as a Lecture and Large Presentation Slide Show.       Class materials and sample documents are available to students via our download site.

Lessons Topics:

  • Grow Methods
  • Production Flow
  • Room and Studio Designs
  • Costs and Planning
  • Forecasting your Crops
  • Oregon’s Clean and Green Standards of Cannabis Production

Outdoor Production Cycle

Outdoor Production “A-Z” – [3:00pm – 4:00pm]

Learn the complete cycle of outdoor production and growing from planning to harvest and inventory. Class is a one hour.

Lessons Topics:

  • Overview
  • Development
  • Planting Area Designs
  • Planting
  • Animal Barriers
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Fall Preparations
  • Harvest Process Overview
  • Harvesting, Drying, Trimming
  • Packaging and Inventory Control

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