Basic Indoor Gardening – Level 1

Indoor Organic Gardening Level 1

  • Registration:  $25

Indoor Basic Gardening with Stoney Girl Gardens of Big Book of Buds 4

Lets get growing – An expanded 2-1/2 hour session on Basics of growing; stages, organics, types, methods, cycles, stages of growth, building and preparing rooms, grow requirements, ventilation, lighting, ballasts, hoods, electrical, selecting a plant and planting. See the extended description below.

Workshops are composed of Lectures, Films, and other Materials via our FTP site. Bring your questions, but you will be asked to hold them until the end of the session. This is the most extensive grow workshop you can take, taught by world class professionals. They will take you through every detail of setting up your grow; from rooms to lights, you will get easy, professional advice on how to be successful.

Stoney Girl gives you all her secrets in this one and one half hour class designed for beginners. She will show you an easy method to Grow Like a Pro first time, and every time. Guaranteed to turn your brown thumb green!

This is the first of three workshops. See also: IG101 Indoor Organic Gardening Part 2 and AGT-Advanced Gardening Techniques.

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Covered Topics:

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Types of Growing
  3. Organic Gardening
  4. Stages of Growth
  5. Methods and Types of Growing
  6. Requirements of a Grow
  7. Temperatures
  8. Humidity
  9. Co2
  10. Green Rooms
  11. Bloom Rooms
  12. Room Size
  13. Building a Room
  14. Ventilation
  15. Lighting – types, requirements, costs, uses, ballasts, hoods, bulbs.
  16. Electrical
  17. Security
  18. Selection
  19. Planting

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