Why Attend

Why should you come to Portlandsterdam University?

Besides being affordable and easy to get to, we are the first and original authentic institution for marijuana education in Oregon. Portlandsterdam provides top quality education from proven professionals. Our professors will provide concise, in-depth information that you can use. Our information is accurate, proven, and backed by factual evidence and science,. We dispel wives tales and myths. When you need the straight answer you can’t find elsewhere, come see us.

Here you can meet Stoney Girl of Stoney Girl Gardens from Big Book of Buds 4.                  Meet successful entrepreneurs already accomplished in the industry and get their secrets. Learn how to open your own business in the field of Marijuana.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Understand
  • The most In-Depth information you can find
  • Learn to Grow
  • Learn how and when to get into the Medical Marijuana Industry with your own business
  • Proven – All of our instructors are proven professionals in their fields.
  • Practical – Our knowledge is practical advise you can take home and use.  After completing our course you will have the confidence to take your next adventure.  We will make you the expert.
  • Support – Once a student, always a student here.  You are welcome to return to any class at any time we have availability to brush up or catch the new additions. We don’t just say goodbye and leave you hanging.  We are there to support you onto the next level of your plan. We also provide you with access to our library of course materials for you to download and use. We go well beyond graduation day and help you build your future.

Come visit our beautiful dispensary in Clackamas!

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